SuperSmart is an EU project to speed up the uptake of more energy-efficient refrigeration, heating and cooling solutions for Europe’s food retail sector by reducing its energy use, lowering its environmental footprint, and increasing its economic benefits.

The project reaches all those that make the decisions for new technology, those offering and optimising solutions, those setting the frameworks and those supporting the uptake of greener solutions in Europe’s food retail sector.

SuperSmart has three main objectives

  • Remove non-technological barriers to efficient heating & cooling in the European food retail sector

  • Raise the expertise level for energy-friendly supermarkets among technical and non-technical staff members, through promotion and training

  • Support the introduction of a new EU Ecolabel for food retail stores, by developing draft criteria for such a label

SuperSmart is funded by the European Union, under the Horizon 2020 Innovation Framework Programme, project number 696076.


Remove Non-Techological Barriers

Systems for low global warming, energy-efficient and integrated heating and cooling solutions for the food retail sector are available. R744 (CO2) systems are swiftly becoming the preferred option for new centralised installations, while hydrocarbon-based plug-in systems have been widely used by large food retail chains and individual store operators. However, there still remain non-technological barriers – knowledge, awareness, social, organisational and legislative obstacles – that prevent such solutions to proliferate.

SuperSmart investigates, systematises and removes existing non-technological barriers for better, more efficient supermarkets.



Raise the Expertise Level for Eco-Energy Food Retail Stores

Lack of knowledge is one of the largest obstacles to selecting best-available refrigeration and heating technology, find suppliers and optimise the building of new and the refurbishment of existing stores.

SuperSmart develops new training material for food retailers and technology suppliers, to raise the expertise level of all involved in delivering and deciding about HVAC&R technology. The project provides free training sessions to supermarket owners and chains, manufacturers, installers and consultants all across Europe. In addition, our project team attends all leading trade shows and conferences in Europe to spread knowledge as widely as possible.

Contact us at training@supersmart-supermarket.org or check the "Get involved" section to learn more about how to actively participate.


Develop the EU Ecolabel for Food Retail Stores

The EU Ecolabel is Europe's leading voluntary label promoting environmental excellence which can be trusted. It helps identify products, services and facilities that have a reduced environmental impact throughout their life cycle. The criteria have been developed and agreed upon by scientists, NGOs and stakeholders to create a credible and reliable way to make environmentally responsible choices.

SuperSmart supports the introduction of a new "EU Ecolabel for Food Retail Stores" by developing draft criteria as well as preparing a technical report required in the first phase of the label establishment. Food retailers, as well as technology providers can benefit from the recognition effect the EU Ecolabel has, highlighting their environmental credentials while saving energy, money and other resources.

Contact us at ecolabel@supersmart-supermarket.org or check the "Get involved" section to learn more about how to actively participate.

SuperSmart helps food retailers to:

  • Reduce the energy use & environmental footprint

  • Increase the economic benefits by saving energy, servicing & maintenance costs

  • Use the best mature technology

  • Comply with all regulations & environmental commitments




SuperSmart brings together the following partners