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SuperSmart workshop & training @ 7th International Conference on Ammonia and CO2 Refrigeration Technologies

  • Metropol Lake Resort Settlment Konsko, Ohrid 6000, Macedonia Ohrid Macedonia (map)

SuperSmart will organise its next combined training and workshop, held during the "7th International Conference on Ammonia and CO2 Refrigeration Technologies" in Ohrid, Macedonia. The event will combine an overview of training topics freely provided to interested food retail stakeholders, as well as gather input on new criteria development for a future EU Ecolabel for Food Retail Stores.

To register for the SuperSmart workshop (free attendance), please visit:

Preliminary agenda:

1st part - Welcome & Introduction

  • SuperSmart in a nutshell

2nd part - Training Activities

  • Training topics and training material
  • Types of training
  • How to apply for training sessions
  • Overview of training topics
    • How to build a new eco-friendly supermarket
    • How to refurbish a supermarket
    • Computational tools
    • Eco-friendly Operation and Maintenance of Supermarkets
    • EU Ecolabel for food retail store

3rd part - Workshop: Draft criteria and compliance verification for food retail stores for the EU Ecolabel

  • Introduction to criteria development within SuperSmart
  • Background to criteria development (EU Ecolabel, national ecolabels, legislation and standards, life cycle analysis)
  • Presentation and quick feedback round on a set of new criteria for energy consumption of food retail stores and important aspects of sustainable buildings, including waste, water consumption & wastewater management, labelled products, staff training, display cabinets
  • Discussion on HVAC&R and building criteria, including overall energy efficiency of buildings

About SuperSmart

SuperSmart is an EU project to speed up the uptake of more energy-efficient refrigeration, heating and cooling solutions for Europe’s food retail sector by reducing its energy use, lowering its environmental footprint, and increasing its economic benefits.

One of its major aims is to develop the criteria for a future EU Ecolabel for more sustainable and efficient food retail stores. The workshop will hence focus on developing the next round of criteria in the area of the building's energy use and environmental factors (buildings, energy management systems, lighting, use of renewable energies etc.)

We welcome the active participation of food retail end-users and operators (technical departments / facility management), building owners / construction companies, engineering companies and contractors, architects and planners, energy & environmental consultants, and HVAC&R system suppliers.

    Register for the SuperSmart workshop (free attendance), via the conference website :