How to Get Involved

SuperSmart welcomes the active participation from individual food retailers and supermarket chains, system and component suppliers, contracting & consulting companies, industry associations and consumer organisations, and other stakeholders involved in driving the uptake of more climate-friendly food retail stores in Europe.

Training Sessions

Food retailers and suppliers of HVAC&R system solutions are eligible for a dedicated training session on selected aspects or a comprehensive overview on how to build new energy-efficient food retail stores or refurbish existing ones. Please note: Training is available only in Europe, but non-European stakeholders are welcome to join the training events and workshops we organise in Europe.


Benefits for participants

SuperSmart team members will provide a number of free training sessions for food retailers or system manufacturers, to cover the following aspects:

  • Eco-friendly supermarkets - an overview
  • How to build a new eco-friendly supermarket
  • How to refurbish a supermarket
  • Computational tools for supermarket planning
  • Eco-friendly operation and maintenance of supermarkets
  • EU Ecolabel for food retail stores

Internal, in-house training sessions by your own company is both a time- and cost efficient way of educating your staff and secure highly skilled expertise personnel for your company. In addition to reduce the environmental impact of your supermarket, this will also bring economic advantages by lowering the energy demand and in time, increase the reputation through the EU Ecolabel certification. 

If you are interested in the developed training material, please visit our Download section for upcoming publications. If you want to join a scheduled training session or organise a training session with the SuperSmart team upon request, please contact us.



Labelling Board

Join the Labeling Board defining the criteria for the new European Ecolabel for Food Retail Stores in Europe. Members of the expert panels will have a direct say on criteria development, participate in the Labelling Board Assemblies, take short online surveys and discuss in online/physical work meetings, as well as provide feedback to requests/proposals developed by the project team. Everybody with relevant expertise is welcome to apply for membership in one of the three expert panels. The final selection will be made by the SuperSmart team, to achieve a relevant and balanced representation of experts.

There are three panels, depending on your expertise: 


Innovation Panel


This Expert Panel welcomes input from the research community (universities, research institutes), contractors and engineering companies, as well as other non-manufacturing groups like NGOs involved in sustainability issues for food retail stores.


End-User Panel

Individual food retailers, operators of supermarket chains and building owners are welcome to join this Expert Panel.

Manufacturer Panel


Manufacturers of systems and components for HVAC&R solutions in food retail stores, as well as maintenance & service providers for such systems are welcome to join this Expert Panel.


Meet us

You can meet us at major trade shows and conferences inside and outside Europe. Here are the next events we attend:


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Or simply spread the word by telling your peers about SuperSmart, publish content on your website, your twitter account (#SuperSmart_EU) or your booth at the next event. We are happy to provide you with the information you need to raise awareness. All public reports, presentations and visual materials you can find in the Download section.