SuperSmart project launches in Barcelona on 18 April

As European supermarkets become increasingly acquainted with energy-efficient refrigeration technology, simultaneous progress is being made in developing newer and simpler ways of smoothing the path for the transition to this climate-friendly new equipment.

The recently launched SuperSmart project is one such initiative seeking to facilitate this adoption. The EU-funded project aims to deliver impressive environmental and cost benefits by helping to speed up implementation of efficient heating and cooling solutions across Europe.

The three-year project seeks to remove non-technological barriers to the uptake of these solutions by helping to raise the level of expertise among technical and non-technical staff, as well as supporting the introduction of a new European Ecolabel for supermarkets by drafting possible criteria.

The project’s first workshop will be held at the SuperSmart kickoff meeting at the Crowne Plaza Barcelona on 18 April, the day before the 2016 edition of the ATMOsphere Europe conference. The SuperSmart workshop is now open for registration, and attendance is free.

Robert Davidson / shecco