The IIR reinforces its position as a leading partner of European refrigeration projects

In line with its international activities, the IIR is going to take part in two European projects which have just been validated by the European Commission.

Projects to promote knowledge

Similar to the FRISBEE, Cool-Save and ELICiT projects, the IIR has agreed to take part in disseminating the outcomes of these research works, by sharing its expertise in terms of publications, conferences and workshops.

As with all European projects that the IIR has been involved in, these initiatives bring together public research facilities and companies.

The projects:

Cryohub: Energy storage through air liquefaction

Planned to last 3.5 years, the Cryohub project will seek to resolve a progressively significant matter for our energy future.

In view of the increasing usage of renewable energies such as solar and wind technologies, which operate intermittently, it is necessary to be able to store the surplus energy produced during specific times of the day, and inversely to restore it when an insufficient quantity is produced.

Although several systems have already been suggested, they have not completely solved this issue.

The Cryohub project is set to develop new technologies that store energy through air liquefaction and restore it when necessary, in order to meet the cooling and heating requirements, particularly in refrigerated warehouses and in the form of electricity.

Supersmart: Reducing energy consumption in supermarkets

The Supersmart project, which is planned to last 3 years, aims at reducing the energy consumption in supermarkets (mainly in terms of heating and cooling), which accounts for almost 4% of the entire power consumption in Europe.

The project will explore how energy consumption could be reduced with better practices through education and information, as well as by using energy resources in a different manner.

Keep abreast on the progress of these projects at IIR conferences, on Twitter or on LinkedIn.

Ina Colombo / IIR