Successful training session @ATMOsphere Europe 2017

On 25 September 2017, the SuperSmart project team organised a training session in Berlin, ahead of the ATMOsphere Europe 2017 conference on natural refrigerants. The session attracted more than 60 food retail industry stakeholders from around Europe.

After presenting the SuperSmart project in a nutshell, Dr. Armin Hafner from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology introduced state-of-the art energy efficient and eco-friendly refrigeration technologies, focusing on CO2-only systems, and discussed the different possibilities for AC integration and heat recovery.

“CO2 is the only “A1” fluid with future perspectives, and has excellent thermodynamic properties”, Dr. Hafner insisted, explaining that supermarket central refrigeration, AC and heat recovery should be done with CO2.

In the second part of the training Nicolas Fidorra, from the Braunschweig University of Technology, took the lead to present computational tools for supermarket planning. He explained why computational tools are important, outlined the various computational tools in the market currently available, and made a comparison among them.

According to Fidorra, simulations with the tool can observe and analyse many values and the interactions of the various systems, leading to a supermarket planning with adjusted layout for highest energy efficiency.


More about SuperSmart

The SuperSmart project aims to speed up the uptake of more energy-efficient refrigeration, heating and cooling solutions for Europe’s food retail sector by reducing its energy use, lowering its environmental footprint, and increasing its economic benefits. It also supports the development of an EU Ecolabel on Food Retail Stores, by defining the criteria for such a label. The project is funded by the European Union, under the H2020 framework programme.

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