Efficient supermarkets: tools and breakthroughs

Madrid hosted an event entitled Efficient supermarkets: tools and breakthroughs organised by CIRCE on 23rd October. The event is part of the activities of the EU-funded project SuperSmart project, which aims to speed up the implementation of more sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions in supermarkets.

The goal was to present the latest technological improvements available for energy efficient supermarkets and to discover new opportunities for collaboration among sector players. For this reason the workshop involved research centres such as the Centre for the Industrial Technology Development (CDTI), the Centre for Energy, Environmental and Technology Research (CIEMAT), and CIRCE, as well as companies specialised in refrigeration systems, air conditioning or lighting, in addition to supermarkets and other entities such as Deloitte. Due to this variety of participants, it was possible to address both technical and non-technical, normative and economic barriers that limit the uptake of new, energy efficient solution in supermarkets.

The event enabled the discussion about innovative solutions for reducing energy consumption levels, revealing success stories presented by different manufacturers and supermarkets. The topics addressed the equipment of this establishments, the barriers to energy efficiency for supermarkets, the energy management systems and the funding models.

In addition, the event covered different funding opportunities such as the subventions of the PIMA FRÍO Plan, approved by the Spanish Government last September. This funding scheme is open to any supermarket interested in installing more sustainable refrigeration equipment.

At the end of the seminar, round table discussions were organised to exchange knowledge and points of view between speakers and attendants.