SuperSmart at ICCC 2018 in China

The SuperSmart project was extensively presented at the 5th IIR Conference on Sustainability and the Cold Chain (ICCC 2018), in Beijing (China) on the 6-8 April.

In the afternoon of 7 April Judith Evans (President of IIR commission C2 and London South Bank University) chaired a workshop specifically dedicated to supermarkets. Around thirty people attended it, representing important stakeholders mostly from Asia and Europe.

Ina Colombo (IIR) presented the SuperSmart project from a general point of view, with a particular focus on the development of the European Eco-label for food retail stores. In doing so, she presented the project partners, explained the work done so far and indicated the expected general outcomes of the project. These aim to make supermarkets start using efficient heating and cooling solutions quickly, so that less harm is done to the environment. Thus, in addition to the above-mentioned Eco-label, effort is made to remove non-technological market barriers as well.

Jan Dusek (shecco) offered additional interesting insights presenting the most recent data on the market and policy trends in the food retail/cold chain sector, focusing mainly on the Asian region.

Workshop participants posed a number of questions, especially on software tools for modelling supermarkets and the Eco-label.

In the same workshop, other presentations focused on the international benchmarking of supermarkets (LSBU), the retail refrigeration roadmap (LSBU) and a study on improving energy efficiency of small supermarkets by modelling interactions between building, HVAC, refrigeration and display product (Brunel University).

The conference, organised by Chinese Association of Refrigeration and Beijing Association of Refrigeration, counted in total 91 presentations, including five plenary lectures, attended by 192 participants from 17 countries.

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