SuperSmart widely presented in Valencia

In a sign that the interest for the use of CO2 for commercial refrigeration is on the rise, the SuperSmart project was extensively presented last week at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, in Spain.

At the 13th IIR Gustav Lorentzen Conference on Natural Refrigerants (18-20 June), project partners shecco and IIR organised a booth with a roll-up banner, flyers and additional material about the activities of the project. Representatives from other partner institutions (CNR, KTH) were at the booth during the coffee breaks to answer all the questions of interested participants.

Remarkably, Prof. Armin Hafner (NTNU) presented the project in his keynote speech on CO2 and energy efficiency in the food retail industry. “Today it is possible to integrate heating and cooling into CO2 transcritical systems to eliminate all applications of HFCs in supermarkets”, he said. Training and support for installers and contractors, therefore, will be crucial in ensuring the continued success of CO2 as a refrigerant as it takes on a greater market share

On 19-21 June further promotion was given at the 7th Ibero-American Congress on Refrigeration (in Spanish), attended by project partners IIR and CIRCE. David Zambrana-Vasquez (CIRCE) gave a presentation by the title "The role of refrigeration towards life cycle sustainability assessment of food retail stores buildings", in which he discussed the European ecolabel for supermarkets.