The project consortium consists of 9 partners across Europe. Most of the partners possess expert knowledge about the technical solutions for efficient heating and cooling systems in supermarkets. The team - consisting of two technical universities (KTH, TUBS), three national independent research institutes (SINTEF, ITC-CNR, CIRCE), two private corporations (shecco, Energija), one intergovernmental science and technology organisation (IIR), and one governmental agency (UBA) - is therefore best placed to combine research, analysis, training, dissemination and network-building.

SINTEF Energy Research

SINTEF Energy Research (SINTEF ER) is an independent, not-for-profit research institute involved in research, development, dissemination and information concerning energy. SINTEF ER has a leading national position as an RTD provider in energy efficiency, energy processes, refrigeration and heat pumping technologies, gas technology, thermo- and fluid dynamics, combustion and thermo-chemical conversion processes (gasification and combustion). SINTEF ER has through the years been involved in and led several large national and international research projects. SINTEF ER has around 250 employees (2,200 in SINTEF group).

SINTEF is the project leader of SuperSmart and undertakes the main project management function (work package 1). It leads those activities for removing non-technological barriers (work package 2), and also takes an active or supportive role in all other tasks of the different activities.

Contact: Camilla Claussen - Email: - Web:


shecco is a global market accelerator helping companies bring their climate-friendly solutions faster to market. In the heating, cooling and refrigeration sector, we specialise in natural refrigerants. We work with 150+ clients around the world seeking to advance the business case for Natural Refrigerants. shecco has three main areas of activity: 1) Media: industry platforms, magazines, webinars, social media and tailored PR services; 2) Market Development: market research & consulting, public affairs, special projects & global campaigns; 3) Events: international conferences, workshops and networking events.

shecco leads the communication & dissemination activities in SuperSmart (work package 4). It is also involved in all other activities, as market research partner and for organising workshops.

Contact: Dario Belluomini - Email: - Web:


UBA is Germany’s main environmental protection agency, with around 1,500 employees. Unit III 1.4 – Substance-related Product Issues has been concerned with ozone-depleting substances and their replacements in products and appliances for more than 25 years. Our work focuses on mobile and stationary refrigeration and air conditioning appliances, the main source for hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) emissions. Moreover, UBA develops award criteria for the German ecolabel Blue Angel for different products and services, e.g. for Climate-friendly Grocery Stores in the Food Retail Sector (RAL-UZ 179). UBA delivers publications, organises roundtables on supermarket refrigeration, and generally is the main point of contact in Germany for the relevant players in the F-gas field such as political decision makers, OEMs, associations or research institution at the national and European level.

UBA acts as the lead partner in the development of criteria for the European Ecolabel for food retail stores (work package 3).

Contact: Kerstin Martens - Email: - Web:

Technische Universität Braunschweig

Part of the department of mechanical engineering at the Technical University Braunschweig, the thermal science laboratory (Institut für Thermodynamik, IfT) has three mayor research fields: Thermophysical Properties, Energy Systems, and Heat and Mass Transfer. Among its major tasks are the development of innovative and sustainable concepts for A/C and heat pump systems (mobile and stationary) and their components; the development of the simulation library TIL Suite that allows the sophisticated computation of thermal systems; and investigating whole refrigeration cycles in a large calorimetric test chamber and providing additional test rigs for component measurements like on compressor indicator diagrams or experiments to determine the transient behaviour of expansion devices or receivers. The IfT has about 25 academic and non-academic staff members and cooperates with various national and international partners.

In SuperSmart, IfT is involved actively in all actvitities, but mostly with a focus on removing non-technological barriers and developing training materials for sustainable food retail stores.

Contact: Nicolas Fidorra - Email: - Web:

International Institute of Refrigeration

The International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR) is the only independent intergovernmental science and technology based organisation promoting knowledge of refrigeration and associated technologies that improve quality of life in a cost-effective and
environmentally sustainable manner. Members of the IIR include Member Countries (there are now 58), companies, laboratories, universities. Through an extensive selection of publications (newsletters, briefings), communication tools and activities, the IIR provides its members with information on science and industry advancements concerning all facets of refrigeration such as the most comprehensive refrigeration database in the world offering over 100,000 documents chosen from scientific and technical publications worldwide. It organises international conferences, is involved in standardisations and regulatory work, and unites working parties around a specific project with a focus on existing refrigeration topics.

In SuperSmart, IIR is an important partner in the communication and dissemination of results and in organising workshops.

Contact: Ina Colombo - Email: - Web:


CIRCE Foundation (Centre of Research for Energy Resources and Consumption) is a research centre founded in 1993 to create and develop innovative solutions and scientific/technical knowledge and transfer them to the business sector in the field of energy.

CIRCE’s mission is to drive forward improvements in energy efficiency and to spread the use of renewable energy by means of the development of R+D+i (Research, Development and Innovation) activities and formative actions that respond to the needs of national and international producers, thereby contributing to sustainable development.

CIRCE's main research topics are energy efficiency, renewable energies, smart grids, emissions reductions and energy socioeconomics. It has been recognised as a national leader in energy efficiency research and knowledge transfer.

In SuperSmart, CIRCE is involved in all activities, providing special expertise on life cycle assessments, socioeconomic analysis of energy efficiency and renewable energies, and in developing training material.

Contact: Jose Luis Vadillo - Email: - Web:


The National Research Council (CNR) carries out, promotes, spreads, transfesr and improves research activities in the main sectors of knowledge growth and of its applications for the scientific, technological, economic and social development of the country. The Construction Technologies Institute's (ITC) research activity is mainly related to the building and construction area. The Padova section of ITC has about 50 years experience in the field of refrigeration technology, with a specific vocation to experimental activity traditionally dedicated to commercial refrigeration, transport refrigeration, properties of refrigerants, IR Thermography and recently to Fluid Dynamics. 21 persons are currently employed in Padova. ITC has experience in education and training activities.

In SuperSmart, ITC provides special expertise in removing non-technological barriers and developing training for supermarket stakeholders, using its knowledge on refrigeration technology, use of natural refrigerants, thermophysical properties of construction materials, and experimental fluid dynamics analysis.

Contact: Silvia Minetto - Email: - Web:


DPTU ENERGIJA doo was established in 2005 as a trade company for selling, designing and supervising HVAC and refrigeration systems. Today, Energija is known in the Balkan region for its expertise, quality, professional work and efficiency in providing HVAC&R equipment, designing HVAC&R systems, providing consultancy and expertise for solutions in thermo technical applications and equipment selection, and the regular maintenance and service for HVAC&R equipment. Energija is the organising partner to Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Skopje and International Institute of Refrigeration for the annual IIR Conference “Ammonia and CO2 Refrigeration Technology” in Ohrid, Macedonia. Its experience from the field work, proper service and maintenance with all necessary tools for handling different refrigerants and also air side measurement tools give us advantage in better understanding and using energy efficient HVAC&R systems.

In SuperSmart, Energija is involved in all activities, providing special input to developing training material on energy-efficient HVAC&R systems and maintenance, and on defining criteria for refrigeration equipment under the European Ecolabel for food retail stores. 

Contact: Samoil Ciconkov - Email: - Web:


KTH is the largest, oldest and most international technical university in Sweden, with 5000 employees. One-third of Sweden’s technical research and engineering education capacity at university level is provided by KTH. The Energy Technology department at KTH also contains the division of Applied Thermodynamics and Refrigeration with a focus on energy transformations in the built environment. The research work includes the whole scale from systems studies about energy user and energy flows in cities and buildings, to system components such as heat pumps and heat exchangers. The division is the only in Sweden, and one of the few in Europe, offering a specialization towards refrigeration and heat pump technology in the Master’s program. Most of the research in the division is applied and has a clear environmental focus.

In SuperSmart, KTH takes an active role in all work packages with an emphasis on removing non-technological barriers, developing training material and defining the criteria for the European Ecolabel for food retail stores.

Contact: Jaime Arias - Email: - Web:

SuperSmart partners:

  • come from 8 European countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Macedonia, Norway, Spain, Sweden

  • cover various European regions for an optimal stakeholder involvement, transfer of results into national activities and a broad European coverage

  • are leaders in the promotion of climate-friendly technology alternatives, representing the research community, private industry sector, trade associations and national public authorities